“His Royal Highness wants to invest in the forward thinkers of tomorrow who will not only envision Bahrain''s future, but who will have the will and the resilience to turn their vision into opportunity, prosperity and security for their fellow citizens. That vision, more than anything else, is what defines an effective leader in any enterprise.”

Executive Chairman & CEO of Investcorp Mr. Nemir A. Kirdar

Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders

On May 11, 2006, the Crown Prince's International Scholarship Fund was established, providing an opportunity for the private sector to contribute to the Crown Prince's International Scholarship Program. This program aims to enable exceptional Bahraini high school students to pursue their studies at prestigious international universities and colleges, while immersing themselves in diverse global cultures.

This objective aligns with the Crown Prince's vision of nurturing young Bahrainis from various backgrounds, empowering them to assume key roles in Bahrain's public and private sectors soon, and actively participate in Bahrain's progress.

The endowment fund will not only allow the program to expand its offerings to select CPISP scholars pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees, but also provide financial support for educational enrichment programs for CPISP undergraduate students.

By contributing to the fund, sponsors will play a vital role in cultivating Bahrain's most valuable assets: its youth and human resources, ensuring a prosperous future for the nation.

Packages for Sponsorship


The fund encompasses three sponsorship packages (Platinum, Gold, and Silver), which can be paid in a single installment or in annual installments for up to five years. CPISP Friends consists of individuals who contribute amounts below BD 250,000.

Out of the thirteen seats on the CPISP Board of Directors, chaired by HRH the Crown Prince, and Prime Minister, Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, six seats are reserved for sponsors.