“The training programs, courses and examinations offered were all pivotal to my academic and personal growth. They allowed me to develop my confidence and character and exposed me to people with similar and different mindsets, enhancing my personal skills in the process.”

Fatema Almajid
CPISP scholar pursuing Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering

Applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria (being a Bahraini citizen, enrolled in 11th grade, and having a GPA of 97% or higher) are extended an invitation by the CPISP to undergo a sequence of qualifying assessments aimed at evaluating their proficiency in English and their ability to reason critically. A group of at least 100 students are subsequently chosen as potential scholarship recipients based on their academic performance and the outcomes of the qualifying tests, with the distribution as follows:

  • 30 Male Students from Public Schools
  • 30 Female Students from Public Schools
  • 20 Male Students from Private Schools
  • 20 Female Students from Private Schools

The selected candidates participate in training sessions and various educational workshops during the summer and throughout the academic year, leading up to the final selection of recipients. The CPISP collaborates with local institutions to facilitate critical thinking and leadership training for the candidates and provides foundational courses to prepare them for the IELTS and SAT examinations.

The candidates also undergo personality and career path evaluations, engage in an academic writing program, and complete a Level 3 certification in Team Leading from the Chartered Management Institute. Additionally, they attend guest lectures on diverse topics related to their academic and career aspirations, as well as personal growth. The training concludes with a specially organized Team Building Day and culminates in a Candidate Recognition Ceremony to acknowledge all candidates for successfully meeting the selection process requirements.