“Receiving the scholarship opened a world of opportunities for me, whether in terms of academics, extra-curricular activities, skills training, or job prospects.”

Ahmed Al Khaja - CPISP Alumni

The Program has devised its own unique method for shortlisting scholarship candidates and choosing the ultimate recipients. Initially, CPISP staff inform 11th grade students with outstanding GPAs on the Program and its application requirements through presentations and visits to schools. Subsequently, students submit their applications to the Scholarship Office within a specified annual deadline and undergo qualifying assessments to evaluate their proficiency in English and their critical reasoning skills. To be considered as a CPISP applicant, students must be enrolled in the 11th grade and maintain a cumulative GPA of 97 percent or higher for grade 10 and the first semester of grade 11, in addition to holding Bahraini citizenship. Approximately 100 students are then shortlisted based on their GPAs and scores on the qualifying tests, and join the CPISP Candidacy Program, which leads to the final selection of recipients.

During the candidacy phase, the CPISP collaborates with local institutions and facilitates the participation of candidates in training programs focused on critical thinking and leadership. Additionally, foundation courses are provided to prepare students for the IELTS and SAT exams. Candidates also undergo personality and career path assessments, participate in an academic writing course, complete a Level 3 certificate in Team Leading from the Chartered Management Institute, and attend guest lectures on various subjects related to their academic and career aspirations, as well as personal growth. The final recipients are chosen based on their GPA, SAT scores, IELTS scores, and results from critical thinking and leadership training. To ensure accuracy and transparency, the selection process, including all student scores and grades, is meticulously reviewed by an independent auditing firm.

Final Selection CriteriaPercentage
Grade Point Average30%
IELTS score25%
SAT - Math score25%
SAT - Writing & Language10%
Leadership Training score6%
Critical Thinking score4%