Youth Minister receives Bahraini Youth Ambassadors Programme

H.E. Rawan bint Najeeb Tawfiqi, Minister of Youth Affairs, received members of the Bahraini Youth Ambassadors Programme.

The members included Dr. Dana Mohammed Maki, CPISP Alumni holds a PhD in Physiotherapy, Health and Social Care Research from King's College London, UK

The minister confirmed that Bahraini youth  are representatives of Bahrain, which continues to build bridges in cultural, humanitarian and development disciplines and to share expertise and initiatives that boost Bahraini youth's status and highlight their achievements.

According to Tawfiqi, the ministry's launch of the programme is meant to contribute to developing communication skills between Bahraini youth and peers from all over the world, as well as representing Bahrain at various youth conferences and forums, and investing in their potential.

The minister spoke to the ambassadors’ about their aspirations and ideas on representing the country and interacting with peers from other countries.