HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister meets with the 25th intake of the CPISP

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, today met the 25th intake of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP), alongside their parents and members of the CPISP Board of Directors, at Riffa Palace.

HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister emphasized the determination of Bahraini citizens, who remain the most successful investment in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s comprehensive development under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

His Royal Highness highlighted the importance of continuing to support Bahraini youth and providing more opportunities for academic growth that contribute to the development of the Kingdom to benefit all.

HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister congratulated the students on their admission to the program, wishing them success in their future studies, which will demonstrate their determination to accomplish and excel.

His Royal Highness commended the parents for instilling in their children a strong academic focus, thereby aiding in their personal development as well as the advancement of the Kingdom.

His Royal Highness congratulated the students on their acceptance to the program and lauded their performance during the application process.

HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister noted that the students’ performance in the application process gave them the opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations and is a reflection of their determination to achieve their ambitions.  His Royal Highness also expressed the Kingdom’s pride in the unwavering determination of Bahraini citizens, reaffirming the Kingdom’s commitment to provide quality opportunities that meet their aspirations across various levels.

His Royal Highness commended the CPISP for its continuous successes across its various intakes, providing invaluable development opportunities across various fields.

HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister commended the dedication of the CPISP staff in supporting the students and applauded the program’s sponsors for their role in supporting the CPISP's achievements.

The recipients of the 2024 CPISP scholarships are as follows:

  • Abdulrahman Hesham Abdulrahman Al Binali - American School of Bahrain.
  • Alanood Majed Mohamed Al Atawi - Al-Iman School.
  • Ali Taleb Hasan Al Mutawa - Arabian Pearl Gulf School.
  • Aseel Hani Husain Al Araibi - British School of Bahrain.
  • Diva Manoj Kishore Bhatia - British School of Bahrain.
  • Ebrahim Ahmed Mohamed Abdulla - Ibn Khuldoon National School.
  • Fatima Ali Hasan Ebrahim - Al Wafaa Secondary Girls School.
  • Fatima Salah Abdulrasool Mohamed - Bahrain Bayan School.
  • Hasan Husain Maki Al Ekri - Naim Secondary Boys School.
  • Hasan Majeed Abbas Aman - Isa Town Secondary Boys School.
  • Mahmood Ali Abduljalil Al Taraif - Hamad Town Secondary Boys School.
  • Mariam Husain Ali Al Abreeq - Saar Secondary Girls School.
  • Masooma Ebrahim Abdali Khair - Quality Education School.
  • Muhammad Safwan Rushdi Arekat - Al Raja School.
  • Sara Ahmed Husain Husain - British School of Bahrain.
  • ⁠Sara Hasan Mohammed Al Hamran - Saar Secondary Girls School.
  • ⁠Sara Mohammed Abdulaziz Khalil - Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College in the UK.
  • Sayed Hashim Jameel Mustafa Al Sharaf - St. Christopher's School.
  • Talia Mitchell - King's College London Mathematics School in the UK.
  • Yasmeen Amin Ahmed Al Arrayedh - St. Christopher's School.

The students of the CPISP 25th intake expressed their gratitude and appreciation to His Royal Highness for his unwavering support in continuing to invest in Bahraini citizens by empowering and providing them with quality opportunities across various fields.

A number of senior officials also attended the meeting.