CPISP holds an orientation meeting for 2024 scholarship recipients

The Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) held an orientation meeting for the 2024 scholarship recipients and their parents on the program’s policies and requirements.

The orientation covered the program’s role in preparing and supporting its recipients by providing them with the best educational and cultural opportunities, in addition to the necessary requirements for studying abroad until they obtain their university qualifications.

During the meeting, the CPISP Director of Finance and Administration Affairs, Mrs. Shatha Ahmed Ali, underlined the commitment of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to continue investing in Bahraini youth by providing them the opportunity to further their studies in the best international universities.

Mrs. Ali noted that recipients are free to choose their desired field of study, affirming that the program supports outstanding students in pursuing degrees at the bachelor, master and doctoral level. 

Mrs. Shatha Ahmed Ali extended her congratulations to the 2024 recipients of the CPISP scholarship and wished them success in their future endeavors.


The recipients of the 2024 CPISP scholarship are:

Al Anood Majed Al Atawi, who will be attending a boarding school in the United Kingdom to complete her A levels prior to applying to an undergraduate study program. 

Fatima Ali Ebrahim, Hasan Husain Al Ekri, Hasan Majeed Aman, Mahmood Ali Al Taraif, Mariam Husain Al Abreeq and Sara Hasan Al Hamran, who will be attending a preparatory school in the United States of America.  

Abdulrahman Hesham Al Binali, Aseel Hani Al Araibi, Ebrahim Ahmed Abdulla, Fatima Salah Abdulaziz, Masooma Ebrahim Khair, Sara Ahmed Husain, Sara Mohamed Khalil, Talia Mitchel and Yasmeen Amin Al Arrayedh, who will be attending different universities in the United Kingdom. 

Ali Taleb Al Mutawa, Diva Manoj Bhatia, Muhammed Safwan Arekat and Sayed Hashim Jameel Al Sharaf, who will be attending different universities in the United States of America.