The Program has developed its own specialized process to shortlist scholarship candidates and select the final recipients. First, CPISP staff brief 11th grade students with high GPAs about the Program and its application criteria through presentations and school visits. Students then submit their applications to the Scholarship Office within a specified annual deadline, and sit for qualifying tests to assess their English proficiency and critical reasoning abilities. To qualify as a CPISP applicant, students must be enrolled in the 11th grade and have a 97 per cent or higher cumulative GPA for grade 10 and the first semester of grade 11, as well as Bahraini citizenship. About 60 students are then shortlisted based on their GPAs and qualifying test scores, and join the CPISP Candidacy Program, which leads to the selection of the final recipients. 

During the candidacy stage, the CPISP works in cooperation with local institutions, and arranges for the candidates to take part in critical thinking and leadership training, and offers foundation courses to prepare students for the IELTS and SAT exams. Candidates also receive personality and career path assessment, take part in an academic writing course, complete a Level 3 certificate in Team Leading from the Chartered Management Institute, and attend guest lectures on various topics related to their academic and career plans, and personal development. The final recipients are selected based on their GPA, SAT scores, IELTS scores, and critical thinking and leadership training results. The selection process, including all student scores and grades, is reviewed by an independent auditing firm to ensure accuracy and transparency.

Final Selection Criteria
Grade Point Average
IELTS score
SAT - Math score
SAT - Writing & Language
Leadership Training score
Critical Thinking score